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JAWBONE UP3 red cross (207366)

JAWBONE UP3 red cross (207366)

Artikelnr: 207366
Typ: Tillbehör
599:-  [479,20 ex moms]
På lager i butik (Spånga): Ej i lager
Hos leverantören: 100+

På lager i butik: Produkten finns för omgående leverans. Datorpaket har 1-3 dagars leveranstid.

Hos leverantören: Produkten finns på vårt centrallager, beställningsvara upp till 6 dagars leveranstid.

Ej i lager: Produkten finns inte på lager, obekräftad leveranstid.

Preliminärt datum: Produkten förväntas preliminärt angivet datum på centrallagret.

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Expertrecensioner: 96 recensioner

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Återbetalningstid: 36
Månadskostnad: 61,05
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    The world's most advanced tracker.

    Everyone has had a life changing experience sometime. This is one of those times. UP3™ is simply the most advanced tracker you can buy. Its classic, durable design will stand the test of time. Multi-sensor technology adds breadth and accuracy to Smart Coach. Everything about UP3 says that the bar has been set higher. Wear one and go further.

    Activity Tracking

    The simplest way to get credit for your steps, exercise and overall calories burned throughout the day. Knowing is the first step to get more active and stay motivated.

    Advanced Sleep

    UP3 uses advanced sensors to track your true sleep stages—REM, Light, and Deep. Smart Coach is then able to give you suggestions to maximize your sleep and improve the quality of your days.

    Food Logging

    Log your meals and track calories in no time with the UP® barcode scanner, restaurant menu search and food database. Smart Coach helps guide you to healthy habits and gives your meal a Food Score—because there's more to eating well than just counting calories.

    Smart Coach

    Smart Coach gives you the motivation and personalized insights you need to reach your goals, no matter where your day takes you. Plus, it gets smarter over time—as Smart Coach gets to know you, insights and tips get better and better. And you will too.

    Heart Health

    There’s more to your heart health than beats per minute. Our advanced bioimpedance sensors are able to automatically track your resting heart rate and use that information to help you take care of the most important organ in your body.

    Continuous Updates

    UP3™ continuously gets better with new features delivered through free UP® firmware and app updates.


    UP3™ is splash-resistant, so no need to worry about rain, sweat from a hard workout or getting wet in the shower. Just don't submerge it.

    Battery Life

    UP3™ comes with a USB charger and a battery that lasts up to 7 days on a single charge.

    Syncs Wirelessly

    The UP3™ band is always connected via Bluetooth® Smart. Get real-time progress reports and never have to worry about plugging in to upload your data.

    Smart Alarm™

    UP® identifies the best moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up, and silently vibrates within a customizable window of time (up to 30 mins) before your set alarm. Now you can start your day feeling refreshed.

    Idle Alert

    Increase your active time with customizable reminders to make sure you're moving throughout your day. Too much sitting, whether in a cubicle or on the couch, slows your metabolism. Idle Alert allows you to set reminders to make sure you're staying active throughout your day. Customize your Idle Alert from the app and your wristband will vibrate to let you know when it's time to get moving.

    Calories Burned

    UP® measures calories burned by establishing your basal metabolic rate (BMR), calculated from your age, weight, height and activity levels using the most up to date published medical standards. Understanding how your activity increases the amount of calories burned over your BMR is one of the most effective ways to manage your weight.

    Streaks & Milestones

    Get credit when you consistently reach your goals so you can see your progress to a better you.

    Friends & Family

    Never go it alone. UP® allows you to connect with friends and family, so you can reach your goals together. When UP® community members have three or more friends on their team, they move at least 10 extra miles a month. That’s a lot of calories burned.


    Challenge your friends and family in a Duel, and achieve your goals together. A Duel is a head-to-head step battle lasting 24 hours, 3 days or 1 week. Find a friend. Pick a duration. Play your heart out.


    Keep your eyes on the prize by setting personalized goals: from steps per day and hours slept, to target weight. The UP® system helps you reach your goals with activity recommendations, helpful tips, and encouraging reminders.

    Today I Will

    Smart Coach motivates you when you need a push with personal challenges like staying hydrated or increasing your activity.

    LED Indicator

    Simple LED indicator lights show your mode status and notification alerts at a glance.

    Activity Tracking

    Go way beyond steps. Log your different workout types to get the full picture of your activity. By logging workouts, your active-time reflects how much you've actually moved, and your active caloric burn reading is more precise.

    Sleep Tracking

    Your quality of sleep is tracked with a built-in accelerometer, which detects light, sound and wake phases of sleep. The sleep tracking feature lets you know how long and how well you slept so you can learn how to make simple adjustments and wake up feeling refreshed. According to the NIH, getting 7–8 hours of sleep per night protects your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and helps your brain work properly.

    Food Logging

    Improve the quality of your diet and achieve your ideal weight by logging your meals in the UP® App. Track food, drinks, calories and nutrients in the app by scanning a barcode or logging a meal at your favorite restaurant. There's even a Food Score to help you know how healthy your food choices are on a simple scale of 1–10.

    Smart Coach

    Forget basic step counts and canned advice—Smart Coach was designed with human nature in mind. It takes all the inputs it receives from your UP3™ tracker and analyzes that information to give you the personalized advice and insights you need to reach your fitness, sleep and overall health goals.

    Heart Health

    Bioimpedance sensors are able to measure your resting heart rate. Changes in your resting heart rate give a snapshot of your cardiovascular health. An upward trend can mean an increased risk of heart disease. A downward trend means a stronger heart. Capture it daily when you wake up before moving your arms. Over time a healthy diet and exercise can lower your resting heart rate.

    Även om vi gör vårt bästa för att ge relevant information, så är bilderna bara till för att ge ett generellt intryck, och själva varan behöver nödvändigtvis inte se ut precis som på bilden. Om det är skillnader mellan produktöverskrift, beskrivning och bild, så är det produktöverskriften som gäller. (tex. Pc:n kommer inte nödvändigtvis med monitor även om bilden visar det) Om något är oklart skicka en e-post till oss före du beställer! Vi förbehåller oss för tryckfel, ändringar av priser och specifikationer utan varsel.