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Artikelnr: GD4310-BKK40
Type: Barcode Scanner
1.999:-  [1.599,20 ex moms]
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På lager i butik: Produkten finns för omgående leverans. Datorpaket har 1-3 dagars leveranstid.

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Månadskostnad: 106,19
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Gryphon L GD4300

Gryphon™ L GD4300 General Purpose Corded Handheld Laser Bar Code Reader

Gryphon L GD4300 readers are available in Black or White in a choice of two multi-interface sets. A wide variety of stands, holders, power supplies, power cords and cables are available as accessories. USB Certified Kits available.

Standard factory warranty is five years. Cables have a 90-day warranty.

Gryphon L GD4300 Models and Kits
Gryphon L GD4310, Kit, IBM 46XX, Port 9, 12 ft. Coiled Cable, Black (Includes Scanner and Cable 90A052042) GD4310-BKK40
Gryphon L GD4310, Kit, IBM USB, Powered 16 ft. Coiled Cable, Black (Includes Scanner and Cable 90A052055) GD4310-BKK10
Gryphon L GD4310, Kit, RS-232 to Magellan Aux Port, 12 Ft. Coiled Cable, Black (Includes Scanner and Cable 90G001095) GD4310-BKK20
Gryphon L GD4310, Laser Scanner, RS-232/IBM 46XX/USB Interface, Black GD4310-BK
Gryphon L GD4310, Laser Scanner, RS-232/IBM 46xx/USB Interface, White GD4310-WH
Gryphon L GD4330, Kit, USB, RS-232/USB/KBW/Wand Emulation Multi-Interface, Black (Includes Scanner and Cable 90A051945) GD4330-BKK1
Gryphon L GD4330, Laser Scanner, RS-232/USB/KBW/Wand Emulation Multi-Interface, Black GD4330-BK
Gryphon L GD4330, Laser Scanner, RS-232/USB/KBW/Wand Emulation Multi-Interface, White GD4330-WH
Cable, IBM 46xx, Port 5b, CAB-445 (Gryphon D412/432 Plus Only) 90A051977
Cable, IBM 46xx, Port 9B, CAB-446 90A051978
Cable, IBM PS/2, KBW, Minidin Connector, Coiled, CAB-365 90A051360
Cable, IBM PS/2, KBW, Minidin Connector, External Power Supply, Coiled, CAB-391 90A051740
Cable, KBW, 4P, Telephone Connector, DEC VDT VT200/220/240/300/320/340/420, CAB-375 90A051490
Cable, RS-232, 25P, Female, Coiled, CAB-363 (Power available on pin 9 of the connector or through external power supply) 90A051340
Cable, RS-232, 25P, Female, Straight, CAB-328 (Power Supply available on pin 9 of the connector or with external power supply) 90G001080
Cable, RS-232, 25P, Male, Coiled, CAB-364 (Power Supply available on pin 9 of the connector or through external power supply) 90A051350
Cable, RS-232, 25P, Male, Straight, CAB-320 (Power available on pin 25 of the connector or though power supply) 90G001000
Cable, RS-232, 9P, Female, Coiled, CAB-362, External Power 90A051330
Cable, RS-232, 9P, Female, Coiled, CAB-408 (Power available on pin 9 of the connector or though external power supply) 90A051891
Cable, RS-232, 9P, Female, Straight, CAB-327, Requires External Power 90G001070
Cable, RS-232, 9P, Female, Straight, CAB-350 (Power Supply available on pin 9 of the connector or though external power supply) 90A051230
Cable, RS-232,6' (For Magellan) 90G001092
Cable, USB, IBM PowerPlus Mode, Straight CAB-413 90A051903
Cable, USB, PowerPlus, Straight, 6', CAB-413E 90A052045
Cable, USB, Type A, Coiled, 9', CAB-424E 90A052043
Cable, USB, Type A, Enhanced, Coiled, Power Off Terminal, 5 Meters 90A052066
Cable, USB, Type A, Straight, 6', CAB-426E 90A052044
Cable, USB, Type A, Straight, CAB-426 90A051945
Cable, Wand Emulation, 9P, Male, Coiled, CAB-348 90A051210
Holder, Desk/Wall Mount, G040, Black HLD-G040-BK
Holder, Desk/Wall Mount, G040, White HLD-G040-WH
Stand, Basic, G040, Dark Grey STD-G040-BK
Stand, Basic, G040, White STD-G040-WH
Power Supplies/Cords
Power Cord, 2-Pin, EU 90ACC1885
Power Cord, 2-Pin, UK 90ACC1887
Power Cord, 2-Pin, US 90ACC1886
Power Supply, 5VDC, PG5-05P55 (without power cord) 90ACC1882
Power Supply, 5VDC, US, PG5-05P55-US (includes power cord) 90ACC1893

With rich feature sets and extensive model options, the Gryphon™ product series from Datalogic Scanning represents the premium level of data collection equipment for general purpose applications.
For customers who want the high performance associated with laser scanning technology, the Gryphon GD4300 scanner is an ideal solution providing longer reading distances, snappy performance with a bright, well-defined scan line. Poor quality bar codes and low contrast labels with bad edge definition are not a problem for this Gryphon scanner, plus Datalogic’s patented Green Spot provides visual good-read feedback directly on the code, allowing for fast and accurate scanning which is especially useful in noisy environments or in places where “beep-free” reading is desired.
The scanner’s stylish enclosure, light weight and compact size make it perfect for use in retail and office applications. Light industrial users will appreciate the scanners toughness. Its rubber-like overmold cushions the scanner when dropped, protects the scan window and prevents the scanner from slipping off counter surfaces. Featuring an IP52 sealing rating, its strong enclosure guards against dust and liquid spills, and anti-shock mounts provide additional protection for the internal scan engine and optics.
The Gryphon GD4300 readers offer a choice of two sets of multi-interface options: USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS-232 and Wand Emulation, or for use at the point-of-sale (POS), IBM 46XX, USB and RS-232. Both interface sets offer configuration flexibility and are easily adapted for migration or future changes to the host system. Remote Host Download lowers the service costs and improves operations allowing for hassle-free field upgrades while the Datalogic Aladdin™ configuration software provides user-friendly features that simplify the start-up procedure, especially for inexperienced users.


  • Aggressive reading performance: over 100 scans/second
  • Excellent depth-of-field over 47.0 cm / 19.0 in
  • Datalogic Green Spot for good-read feedback
  • Remote Host Download lowers service costs and improves operations (GD4310 Model)
  • Multi-interface solutions support most popular interfaces including USB, RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46XX and Wand Emulation
  • 1.8 m / 5.9 ft Drop Resistance
  • Water and Particulate Sealing Rating: IP52
  • USB Certified Kits Available

Decoding Capability
  • 1D / Linear Codes
    • Autodiscriminates all standard 1D codes including GS1 DataBar™ linear codes
    • Postal Codes
      • China Post
      • Stacked Codes
        • GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked
          • GS1 DataBar Stacked
            • GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional
            • Current
              • Operating (Typical)
                • GD4310
                  185 mA @ 5 VDC
                • GD4330
                  260 mA @ 5 VDC +/- 5%
                • Standby/Idle (Typical)
                  • 30 mA @ 5 VDC
                • Input Voltage
                  • GD4310
                    4.5 - 14.0 VDC
                  • GD4330
                    4.75 - 5.25 VDC
                  • Ambient Light
                    • 0 - 100,000 lux
                    • Drop Resistance
                      • Withstands repeated drops from 1.8 m / 5.9 ft onto a concrete surface
                      • ESD Protection (Air Discharge)
                        • 16 kV
                        • Humidity (Non-Condensing)
                          • 5 - 90%
                          • Particulate and Water Sealing
                            • IP52
                            • Temperature
                              • Operating
                                • 0 to 55 °C / 32 to 131 °F
                                • Storage/Transport
                                  • 20 to 70 °C / -4 to 158 °F
                                • RS-232 / IBM 46XX / USB Multi-Interface
                                  • RS-232 / USB / Keyboard Wedge / Wand Multi-Interface
                                    Physical Characteristics
                                    • Colors Available
                                      • Black
                                        • White
                                        • Dimensions
                                          • 18.1 x 7.1 x 10.0 cm / 7.1 x 2.8 x 3.9 in
                                          • Weight
                                            • 169.0 g / 6.0 oz
                                            Reading Performance
                                            • Light Source
                                              • Illumination
                                                • 630 - 680 nm VLD
                                              • Print Contrast Ratio (Minimum)
                                                • 25%
                                                • Read Rate (Maximum)
                                                  • 100 reads/sec.
                                                  • Reading Angle
                                                    • Pitch
                                                      • +/- 50°
                                                      • Roll (Tilt)
                                                        • +/- 35°
                                                        • Skew (Yaw)
                                                          • +/- 65°
                                                        • Reading Indicators
                                                          • Beeper (Adjustable Tone and Volume)
                                                            • Datalogic 'Green Spot' Good Read Feedback
                                                              • Good Read LED
                                                              • Resolution (Maximum)
                                                                • 0.102 mm / 4 mils
                                                                Reading Ranges - Typical Depth of Field
                                                                • Minimum distance determined by symbol length and scan angle.
                                                                  • Printing resolution, contrast, and ambient light dependent.
                                                                    • 5 mils
                                                                      • 3.6 to 15.8 cm / 1.4 to 6.2 in
                                                                    • 7.5 mils
                                                                      • 3.0 to 25.0 cm / 1.2 to 9.9 in
                                                                    • 10 mils
                                                                      • 2.8 to 35.0 cm / 1.1 to 13.8 in
                                                                    • 13 mils
                                                                      • 2.2 to 47.5 cm / 0.9 to 18.8 in
                                                                    • 20 mils
                                                                      • Up to 69.0 cm / 27.2 in
                                                                    Safety & Regulatory
                                                                    • Agency Approvals
                                                                      • The product meets necessary safety and regulatory approvals for its intended use.
                                                                        • The Quick Reference Guide for this product can be referred to for a complete list of certifications.
                                                                        • Environmental Compliance
                                                                          • Complies to China RoHS
                                                                            • Complies to EU RoHS
                                                                            • Laser Classification
                                                                              • Caution Laser Radiation - Do not stare into beam
                                                                                • CDRH Class II
                                                                                  • IEC 60825-1 Class 2
                                                                                  • Datalogic Aladdin™
                                                                                    • Datalogic Aladdin configuration program is available for download at no charge
                                                                                    • OPOS / JavaPOS
                                                                                      • OPOS Utilities are available for download at no charge
                                                                                      • Remote Host Download
                                                                                        • Lowers service costs and improves operations
                                                                                        • 5-Year Factory Warranty

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