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IBM Tape Library Model L2U

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IBM Tape Library Model L2U TS3100 Driveless (35732UL)

IBM Tape Library Model L2U
TS3100 Driveless

  • Standard LTO
  • Typ Tape

TS3100 Tape Library Express Model

  • Designed to support one IBM LTO Ultrium Full Height Tape Drive or up to two IBM LTO Ultrium Half Height Tape Drives, to help increase capacity and performance
  • Designed to support cost-effective backup, save and restore and archival storage in sequential or random access mode with a standard bar-code reader
  • IBM Ultrium 4 technology is designed to support encryption of data with 3 Gbps SAS and continues to support write-once, read-many (WORM) operations
  • Designed to offer outstanding capacity, performance and reliability for midrange and network tape–storage environments in a 2U form factor with 24 data cartridge slots and a mail slot
  • Remote library management through a standard Web interface supports flexibility and greater administrative control of storage operations

The IBM System Storage™ TS3100 Tape Library Express Model and its storage management applications are designed to address capacity, performance, data protection, reliability, availability, affordability and application requirements. It is designed as a functionally rich, entry tape-storage solution incorporating LTO Ultrium tape technology. The IBM TS3100 Express model is an excellent solution for large–capacity or high–performance tape backup with or without random access. The TS3100 is also an excellent choice for tape automation for IBM Power Systems, IBM System x® and other open systems.

The IBM TS3100 Tape Library Express is well-suited for handling backup, save and restore and archival data-storage needs for small to medium–size environments. With the use of one LTO Full Height tape drive or up to two LTO Half–Height tape drives and 24 tape cartridge capacity, the IBM TS3100 is designed to take advantage of LTO technology to cost-effectively handle growing storage requirements. The TS3100 Tape Library is configured with two removable cartridge magazines, one on the left side (12 data cartridge slots) and one on the right (12 data cartridge slots). Additionally, the left magazine includes a single mail slot to help support continuous library operation while importing and exporting media. A bar-code reader is standard in the library, supporting the library’s operation in sequential or random access mode. The TS3100 also comes standard with remote management capabilities to allow for remote administration of the tape library through a Web interface.

The IBM Ultrium 4 technology is designed to support encryption of data. The hardware encryption and decryption core and control core reside in the IBM Ultrium 4 tape drive (available to the TS3100 with the 3 Gbps SAS interface). A larger internal data buffer helps improve data access rates and reduce cartridge fill and rewind times along with dynamic channel calibration designed to help increase data throughput. In addition to reading and writing to LTO Ultrium 4 tape cartridges, the LTO 4 tape drive can read and write to LTO Ultrium 3 cartridges and read LTO Ultrium 2 cartridges with improved data rates. The IBM Ultrium 4 tape drive is designed to support up to 120 MBps native data-transfer rates and up to 800 GB native physical capacity when using the IBM System Storage Ultrium 800 GB Data Cartridge (1.6 TB with 2:1 compression). The TS3100 featuring Ultrium 4 tape drives has a capacity of up to 19.2 TB native (38.4 with 2:1 compression).

The IBM LTO Ultrium 3 Full Height tape drives are designed to support up to 80 MBps native data-transfer rates and Half-Height Tape Drives support up to 60-MBps native data-transfer rates.

In addition, the TS3100 featuring Ultrium 3 tape drives has a capacity of up to 9.6 TB (19.2 TB with a 2:1 compression),

The IBM TS3100 Tape Library Express featuring Full Height technology offers an LVD SCSI, 4 Gbps fibre-channel and 3 Gbps SAS interfaces for ultrium 4 drives (LVD SCSI and 4 Gbps FC for ultrium 3 drives). While Half-Height Ultrium technology offers an LVD SCSI or a 3 Gbps SAS interface for HH LTO 3 drives and 3 Gbps SAS interface for HH LTO 4 and can attach to a wide variety of open-system servers. The sequential or random access library comes in a stand-alone base configuration with the option of an industry-standard 19-inch rack-mount kit. The IBM TS3100 also has an LCD display and indicators for power, drive and activity, error status and message information.

Drive options Ultrium 4 Full Height: LVD SCSI (95P5002), 3 Gbps SAS (95P5006); Fibre Channel (95P5004)
Ultrium 3 Full Height: LVD SCSI (23R7260); 4 Gbps Fibre Channel (23R7261)
Ultrium 4 Half-Height: 3 Gbps SAS (45E2243)
Ultrium 3 Half-Height: LVD SCSI (95P4998); 3 Gbps SAS (95P5000)
Available Models: 3573 2UL - IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library Model L2U Driveless
Optional feature codes
Transparent LTO Encryption 45E3081
Rack mount 23R6998
Right-side magazine set
Left-side magazine
Ultrium Tape Cartridges Ultrium 4 media: 95P4278/Ultrium 3 media: 95P2020
Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge 23R7008
Tape drive type IBM LTO Ultrium 3 Half-Height and Full Height; IBM LTO Ultrium 4 Half-Height and Full Height
Number of drives 1-2
Number of tape cartridges 24
Number of mail slots 1
Physical capacity Up to 1.6 TB per cartridge compressed; 800 GB native native with LTO Ultrium 4
Up to 800 GB per cartridge compressed; 400 GB native with LTO Ultrium 3
Up to 38.4 TB per tape library compressed; 19.2 TB native with LTO Ultrium 4
Up to 19.2 TB per tape library compressed: 9.6 TB native with LTO Ultrium 3
Data transfer rate Up to 120 MBps native with LTO Ultrium 4 Full Height and Half-Height
Up to 80 MBps native with LTO Ultrium 3 Full-Height
Up to 60 MBps native with LTO Ultrium 3 Half-Height
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Stand alone 17.6 in (447.5 mm) x 3.84 in (97.6 mm) x 31.9 in (810 mm)
Rack mount 17.6 in (447.5 mm) x 3.44 in (87.6 mm) x 29.13 in (740 mm)
Weight 33 lb (15 kg) without rack mount
Operating Environment
Temperature 50 to 113 degrees F, 10 to 45 degrees C
Relative humidity 10% RH to 80% RH (non-condensing)
Electrical power 4.0 amps at 100 V ac, 2.0 amps at 240 V ac 0.1 KVA
Attachment and systems support The TS3100 Full-Height features LVD SCSI, 4 Gbps fibre- channel and 3 Gbps SAS interfaces. The TS3100 Half-Height features LVD SCSI and 3 Gbps SAS interfaces, both form factors attaching to IBM Power Systems, IBM System x, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, UNIX®, Linux® and Windows® servers and non-IBM servers, workstations and personal computers that support the interface specifications.
Operating Systems support Native device-driver support is available for IBM Power Systems, IBM System x, Windows Server® 2003, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Red Hat and United Linux.

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